Collapsible “Walk-in" Pallet box (80x120xH95cm)

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Produkt-Code: MPB.e70.A

Technische Daten
Product name MPB.e70.A
Ground size 800 x 1200 mm
External dimension 800 x 1200 x 700 mm
Interior dimensions 750 x 1150 x 700 mm
Interior volume (m3) 0.6
Weight in kg’s 29.6
Weight in/ex excl. Pallet
Walls 20mm thick x 95mm wide North European Whitewood. On request ISPM15 certified. Open space between the planks: ±85mm with standard planks.
Rims 2 mm sendzimir galvanized steel.
Construction Riveted steel. Walls are fixed to a pallet with centerpens and clasps. A rubberspring block in the four clasps ensures a sturdy attachment even with slight variabilities in the pallets board thickness. Optimal is 20mm (±1mm).
Return volume 14% of full volume (ex pallet).
Loading capacity  
1.000kg (max 5 boxes/5.000kg)
Weitere Informationen
Model Besondere Merkmale External dimension Nettovolumen (m3) Spezialangebot Construction Maximale Nutzlast Return Volume Rims Walls Stapelbare Gewicht in/ex

Through a new constructional invention we can offer an easy loading pallet box, from which you can take out the front wall and step inside the box during loading and unloading.

After you clicked three walls on the pallet, these are 100% fixated and can no longer unwantedly come loose from the pallet. Now you can load the pallet box through the frontside. (Heavy) goods may rest against the remaining pallet walls without any problem. They can have it.

When unloading the goods simply take out he frontside with two clicks and you can unload the pallet box by again stepping in- and outside.

Loading & unloading without frontside proves to be very practical for neatly stacking of smaller goods, also in the backside of the crate (you just walk inside the box) and for heavy & large goods which can boxed without lifting.

The use of this MPbox can dramatically reduce physical pains of your warehouse employees.